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TLR Team Losi 22 5.0 DC Elite Race 1/10 Electric Buggy Kit

TLR Team Losi 22 5.0 DC Elite Race 1/10 Electric Buggy Kit

Availability: In stock


Availability: In stock

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Needed To Complete:

  • Motor
  • Electronic Speed Control
  • Servo
  • Radio System
  • 48 Pitch Pinion Gear
  • Battery and Charger
  • Wheels and Tyres
  • Paint
  • Tools - Please refer to the manual for more details


  • Pro Level ready
  • Carbon fibre parts included
  • Aluminium option parts included
  • All new rear hubs and inner rear pivots
  • Titanium turnbuckles included
  • Revamped sterring geometry
  • Super heavy duty slipper (SHDS)
  • G3 12mm big bore shocks
  • 2.0 milled aluminium chassis
  • Fully updated differential
  • 22 5.0 body
  • TLR low front wing included
  • All metric hardware
  • Diff height adjustment
  • Front roll centre adjustment
  • New front camber block
  • New battery hold down
  • Optimised composites
  • Ballast tuning options
  • TLR 6.5" rear wing
  • Built-in motor fan mount
  • Laydown configuration

The 22 5.0 has proven itself as the next evolution of the 22 2WD buggy platform. Now the 22 5.0 DC ELITE kit gives drivers a professional-grade, full team-level kit all in one box! Optimized for dirt and clay tracks, the ELITE kit features fully adjustable rear pivots, adjustable height rear hubs, carbon fibre option parts throughout, and all the aluminium parts have been changed to a sharp black with silver edges to pop against the hard-anodized chassis and shock bodies. Building on the improvements to the 22 5.0, the ELITE kit is significantly easier to drive while still giving the car more mid-corning steering with the revised steering geometry, smoother G3 shocks, and the optimized flex of the 2mm chassis plate. Designed to win straight out of the box, the 22 5.0 DC ELITE maximizes performance and is podium ready. 


22 5.0 DC ELITE Kit 
22™ 5.0 Cab Forward Body 
Product Manual

Pro Level Ready

Including all of the key option parts that our factory race team uses to win across the world, the 22 5.0 DC ELITE is truly Pro Level Ready from a kit build right out of the box... more so than any 2WD buggy kit ever offered. Parts include Carbon Fiber, Black Anodized Aluminum and Titanium turnbuckles.

Carbon Fiber Parts Included

The overwhelming popular carbon fiber option and tuning parts for the 22 5.0's have been added into the kit. +2mm front and rear shock towers, electronics mounting plate, and a rear wing washer are now included in the kit!

Aluminum Option Parts Included

As the team has found many of the optional aluminum parts for the 22 5.0 to improve maintenance or performance, those are now included in the kit as well. Aluminum options included are the bell cranks, drag link, servo mount, outer front bearing inserts, rear camber block, C and D pivots, and aluminum nuts throughout.

All New Rear Hubs and Inner Rear Pivots

The 22 5.0 DC ELITE includes Inner Rear Pivots with roll center, track width, anti-squat and toe adjustment paired with the Variable Height Axle (VHA) rear hubs which also give more roll center and axle height adjustment. This is the most adjustable rear suspension TLR has ever produced.

Titanium Turnbuckles Included

Titanium turnbuckles have always been a premium upgrade for race vehicles, and there could not be a proper 22 5.0 DC ELITE kit without them. Included are titanium turnbuckles throughout the buggy to save weight and increase performance.

Revamped Steering Geometry

The 22 5.0 is the best driving 2WD Team Losi Racing has ever created, and the biggest improvement comes from the steering geometry. Increasing the length of the steering bell cranks and spindle arms, along with changes to the Ackermann give the 22 5.0 significantly smoother steering, especially off-center and high speed, and increases low-speed steering.

Super Heavy Duty Slipper (SHDS)

The slipper is optimized with all new plates, pads, spring, spur gears, and top shaft. The top shaft uses a sturdy M4 lock nut, the slipper pads allow for spur gears sized 69T to 81T, reduced slipper pad area provides a more linear slip through the throttle application, and thicker slipper plate keep consistent pressure across the surface of the pads.

G3 12mm Big Bore Shocks

The G3 shocks give the 22 5.0 the handling of the Gen II shocks, but with long-anticipated ease of use improvements. No more e-clips, new shock caps and shock bodies increase the spring collar height by 3mm for lower ride heights, new eyelets and spring cups provide varied off-sets and paired with new eyelets will never pop off with the screw in feature.

2.0 Milled Aluminum Chassis

Maximizing the flex characteristics for all surfaces, the 2.0mm thick chassis give the right about of flex and rigidity for smooth corning, optimized balance, and bounce-free landings.

Fully Updated Differential

Using all of the revised components from the 22 2.0 ball differential, the 22 5.0 diff will deliver super-smooth, long-lasting performance. Features include revised thrust washers, tungsten carbide diff and thrust balls, a one piece nut, and a self-centering diff gear.

22 5.0 Body

Maintaining the excellent balance, grip, and stability of the 22 4.0 body, with a similar styling, the 22 5.0 body is pulled from 0.8mm PC plate for a lightweight body that still has fantastic durability. As with all TLR bodies, the 5.0 body will be precut in the kit.

TLR Low Front Wing Included

With the higher speed, higher grip tracks of today, a front wing will increase steering in high speed turns and on power, while making the steering on entry smoother - the best of all worlds.

All Metric Hardware

Using all metric hardware make it easy to find replacement screws, nuts and washers, and helps to limit the number to tools required in the toolbox.

Diff Height Adjustment

The 22 4.0 included diff height adjustments including 0 and +3.5mm settings. The 22 5.0 DC includes 0mm, +1mm, +1.75mm, +2.5mm, and +3.5mm diff heights to optimize bone plunge for different axle heights, ride heights, and grip levels.

Front Roll Center Adjustment

The 22 5.0 includes the standard Low Roll Center (LRC) front pivot with kick shim in the kit and offers the optional High Roll Center (HRC) front pivot separately. A new 1mm thick kick shim is also included. Now, racers can run the Super Low Roll, Low Roll, Medium Roll, or High Roll Centers, or High Roll Center, with a 3mm adjustment window.

New Front Camber Block

The new front camber block adds a third camberlink option between the tradition inside and outside holes. The new position provides the best balance of steering and stability in many conditions, and allows the 22 5.0 to be more dialed-in on more different grip levels.

New Battery Hold Down

The 22 5.0 boasts the most versatile and easiest to use battery hold down system. The battery cradles key into the mud guards for five fixed, easy to duplicate, battery positions. The battery is held down with stretchable straps on each end to fit any height shorty battery and any weight plates under it.

Optimized Composites

The balance and consistency of the 22 5.0 can be tuned using different composite materials in key parts throughout the vehicle. The kit included the parts the race team prefers: Stiffezel front suspension arms, mud guards, and waterfall and soft rear suspension arms.

Ballast Tuning Options

Optional brass ballast weighs can be mounted under the servo, under the battery, and under the laydown transmission idler. This makes it easy to tune the static weight and weight bias for changing track conditions. When running a higher static weight, the chassis will become more neutral and easier to drive on ultra-high grip surfaces.

TLR 6.5" Rear Wing

Pulled from ultra-durable 1.2mm polycarbonate, the TLR 6.5" rear wing isn't new for the 5.0. Instead, this wing has proven itself as the longest lasting and most stable rear wing available for 1/10 2wd buggies over the past few years - and it comes in your kit.

Built-In Motor Fan Mount

The prevalence of spec racing has led to the need for many racers to run motor fans to keep temperatures lower. Rather than an aluminium mount, or double-sided tape, the 22 5.0 includes a moulded fan mount secured to the mud guard for easy and dependable fan mounting.

Laydown Configuration

The laydown 3-gear transmission moves the motor forward by 20mm+ to a more centralized location. The benefit is a chassis that drives much flatter and carries more corner speed.


Approximate Assembly Time: 3-5 Hours
Ball Bearings: Full set, rubber sealed
Batteries: Sold separately
Body: Cab forward, 0.03" (0.7mm) thick
Bushing Material: Metal
Charger: Sold separately
Chassis: 7075-T6 Aluminum Milled Plate 0.08" (2mm) thick
Completion Level: Kit
Differential: Ball Type
Drivetrain: 2WD
Gear Pitch: 48-Pitch
Height: 5.8" (148mm)
Internal Gear Ratio: 2.43:1
Length: 15" (382mm)
Max Battery Dimensions: 5.5 x 1.8 x 0.96" (139.7 x 46 x 24.5mm)
Motor Type: Brushless (sold separately)
Pinion: Not Included
Radio: 2-channel sold separately
Servos: High torque steering servo (sold separately)
Shock Type: Oil filled 12mm Big Bore
Size/Scale: 1/10
Spur Gear: 78T,72T
Suspension: Stiffezel Front Suspension Arms, Soft Rear Suspension Arms
Track: Front and Rear 9.8" (249mm), distance from outer edges of tires measured side-to-side
Vehicle Type: 2WD Dirt and Clay Racer
Water-Resistant: Yes
Wheel Diameter: 2.2" (56mm) sold separately
Wheel Hex Size: 12mm Hex
Wheelbase: 11" (280mm)
Width: 9.8" (250mm)